Mixes music, detects beats and implements smooth transitions
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Provides the tools and features to create a 100 % accurate mix and assist in live mixing by detecting beats for smooth transitioning. The built-in gap-killer avoids dead air and queues tunes in advance. The Audio Settings offers full customization over the output sound.

SAM DJ is a fully featured, professional DJ system designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding mobile DJs! If you are serious about your music, then SAM DJ is for you!
Features dual decks, crossfading, beat matching, karaoke, gap killer, large media library support, drag & drop management, instant song search, album cover support and much more!

Perfect for professional mobile DJs, clubs, bars, restaurants, gyms & health club, retail stores or even just for home use. Uses the same technology that powers thousands of terrestrial and Internet radio stations in over 150 countries!

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